Summer Driver Education 30 Hour Theory Course

June 17 – June 20, 2024

Dwight-Englewood School (D-E) is once again offering a Summer Driver Education Theory Course. Driver’s Ed at D-E School is administered in-person through D-E 360° in partnership with FNL Driving School, to high school students at least 15 years old as of June 1, 2024. Students must also reside in New Jersey. This in person course is given by Mrs. Nancy Lustenberger, formerly of the D-E Physical Education Department. The course fulfills the requirement of the New Jersey State written exam.

The course is limited to 50 participants. Questions about this Driver’s Ed course offered by FNL may be directed by Email to:, or visit their website at:


If both behind-the-wheel and classroom courses are taken, the student is eligible for a reduction in auto insurance until the age of 21. Students must complete six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, which may be arranged independently with Mrs. Lustenberger, in order to earn a learner’s permit by the age of 16.  Students are required to have their driver’s permit for a minimum of six months and have turned the age of 17, before they can be eligible to get their license. Those who already have a permit, but did not complete a classroom course, can enroll to receive a certificate toward their automobile insurance reduction.

30 Hour Driver’s Ed Theory Course Details for Summer 2024

  1. In Person Driver’s Manual Review
    1. In Person class attendance is required and the driver manual will be reviewed.
    2. Asynchronous learning with Google Classroom

Each Module requires approximately 90-120 minutes to complete. Assessments must be submitted on a daily basis; students are expected to pass each assessment prior to moving to the next module.

Written Test – Thursday, June 20 – Starting at 9:00AM

Each registrant takes the test on campus. The State of New Jersey mandates in-person written testing for a driver’s permit; students are required to come to campus to sit for the exam.

Scheduled In-Person Class Time/Attendance Required     

Monday, May 20 8:00 PM Mandatory Orientation (Over Zoom)
Monday, June 17 9:00 – 12:00 PM On Campus Driver Manual Review
Tuesday, June 18 9:00 – 12:00 PM On Campus Driver Manual Review
Wednesday, June 19 9:00 – 12:00 PM On Campus Driver Manual Review
Thursday, June 20  9:00 -11:00 AM Review and Exam

Student Driver Assessment – Independent Review Time & Quizzes Due

Monday, June 17          Module 1/2 due before 10 PM     

Tuesday, June 18          Module 3/4 due before 10 PM

Wednesday, June 19     Module 5/6 due before 10 PM  

Thursday, June 20        Module 7/8 due before 10 PM

Friday, June 21            Module 9/10 due before 10 PM

* Note: State-mandated requirement – Students must attend ALL scheduled classes as well as complete all modules and quizzes assigned; otherwise, they will not receive course certification.

Registration Details

  • Cost: $315 per student
  • Register through CampBrain by June 1, 2024