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D-E 360° is one of four divisions of Dwight-Englewood School, offering open-enrollment courses for enrichment, advancement, or for credit. Courses are designed to be multidisciplinary in nature offering learning across a variety of disciplines for different age groups (including adults).

D-E 360° offerings are designed to enhance learning outside of typical school hours, including during weekends and after-school timeframes, in a dynamic environment with small learning group sizes.  Facilitated by expert instructors from both within the D-E School community and trusted organizations, D-E 360° courses are targeted primarily at students in preschool to grade twelve.  Some offerings require specific prerequisites and/or past experience in particular disciplines, and others are open to all students regardless of background.

Among the D-E 360° the core offerings are:

  • Summer Connections
  • Lower School AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE)
  • Middle School Enrichment (MSE)

Learn Boldly, which is central to our vision for D-E 360°, is built on Dwight-Englewood School’s Mission and Student as Learner Tenets.  We are cultivating in our learners a strong self-awareness; we want learning to be experiential and hands-on; and we have institutional priorities to serve students in a way that prepares them to be literate about the world.

Our Private Music Lessons Program 2023-2024

We are pleased to offer our students a variety of lessons with highly qualified professionals who come from the worlds of classical performance, jazz, the New York theatre scene and well-respected venues around the world. Lessons are provided through an annual, contractual basis.