Summer Notes
24 Mar

Learn boldly with D-E 360° Summer Connections this Summer 2017!

Join us this summer

Sports offerings for Grades 1-12 with leading national and international competitive trainers!

Tennis Academy with Tsolak Gevorkian, founder/director of TAG International Management, Inc. Gevorkian is formerly a player and captain for the Armenia Davis Cup Team, involved in international competition from 1996 – 2005.

Basketball Academy with T2S Basketball’s Larry Umaña. Learn basketball efficiency through fundamentals, footwork and muscle memory repetition through innovative drills. Umaña has more than 15 years experience in coaching, training, and teaching and is a former Division 1 competitive athlete.

Fencing Academy with Patrick Durkan, founder/director of Durkan Fencing Academy. For the past 32 years Durkan has represented the USA in all levels of fencing, including being a part of the Cadet, Junior, and Senior National Teams. As a student athlete, Durkan competed at Regis High School in New York City where he won the New Jersey State Championship and at Columbia where he was a four time All-American.

More About Summer Connections

Discoveries & Adventures: Preschool (age 3) – Grade 4
Explore Habitats of the World! From the arctic and the desert to the rainforest and wetlands, our youngest campers will learn hands-on about biology, ecology, the environment, and why animals live where they do!

Habitats of the World
Summer Fun!
17 Mar

Learn boldly with D-E 360° Scholars this Summer 2017

Learn boldly with D-E 360° Scholars this Summer 2017

Build confidence for placement tests and advanced courses!

  • Scholars classes offer credit-bearing advancement courses in English, Math, and Science.
  • NEW! CATES ACT 36: A 60 hour, two-part prep experience for students taking the ACT in Fall 2017. Offered in partnership with Chris Ajemian (CATES Tutoring), an innovator in standardized test prep.

Summer Connections is:

Discoveries & Adventures: Preschool (age 3) – Grade 4
Explore Habitats of the World! From the arctic and the desert to the rainforest and wetlands, our youngest campers will learn hands-on about biology, ecology, the environment, and why animals live where they do!

Habitats of the World
Summer Fun!
09 Mar

String Society 2017 jump start your musical summer

Join us this summer

Learn, create, perform… and jump start your musical summer with String Society!
June 26-30, 2017

A summer day camp program for exceptional string musicians Grades 5-12

Now in its 10th year, String Society is a fun filled week of musical magic, offering an immersive, intensive opportunity to explore gems of the string orchestra repertoire while being introduced to music by living composers.

  • Hurry, limited space still available! Click here to register.
  • Click here to view String Society’s Co-Director Diego Garcia conducting the D-E Upper School Orchestra

Summer Connections is:

Discoveries & Adventures: Preschool (age 3) – Grade 4
Explore Habitats of the World! From the arctic and the desert to the rainforest and wetlands, our youngest campers will learn hands-on about biology, ecology, the environment, and why animals live where they do!

Habitats of the World
Summer Fun!

You are listening to String Society’s Director Diego Garcia conducting the D-E Upper School Orchestra

01 Mar

Learn Boldly with D-E 360° Summer Connections 2017!

Join us this summer

Enrichment and Immersive STEM Offerings: Grades 5-12
Enjoy “a la carte” weekly more intensive 1-,2- and 3-week offerings in STEM, from Meteorology and Model Rocketry to and STEM Challenge and Coding with Raspberry Pi. Taught by expert faculty, with many courses in the beautiful new $20 million Hajjar STEM Center.

Discoveries & Adventures: Preschool (age 3) – Grade 4
Explore Habitats of the World! From the arctic and the desert to the rainforest and wetlands, our youngest campers will learn hands-on about biology, ecology, the environment, and why animals live where they do!

Habitats of the World
Summer Fun!
12 Aug

Farewell D-E 360° Summer Connections 2016!

In the photo above: String Society 2016 participants prepare for their Grand Finale Concert on Friday, August 12, 3:00 PM in Hajjar Auditorium.  The annual program for exceptional student ‘stringers’ offers intensive small ensemble, large orchestral, and even innovative ‘conductor-less’ performance opportunities. 

Summer 2016: What a Great Time It’s Been!

It is hard to believe that seven weeks have passed by so quickly.  We have a great deal to celebrate about D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) 2016.  Throughout the course of the entire program, wonderful hands-on learning has taken place.  Our campers were immersed in experiences that introduced to them many new passions,  from academic classes in math, science and writing… to yoga, entrepreneurship, STEM Challenge, and Soccer Academy. Our youngest campers in Junior Day Camp and Discoveries and Adventures explored all the excitement that the Olympic games in Rio offers.  Take a look at our online Photo Gallery for some shots of our favorite moments (click here to view, or use the Gallery link located either at right or scroll down on your mobile device).

We’ll surely miss our super summer learners as they head back to school, and we look forward to connecting with everyone again next summer for more exciting programs.

SURVEY Opportunity: We Want to Hear from You!

The  D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) Team would like to thank you for participating in our program this Summer 2016!

To help us serve you better in the future, we would like to hear about your experiences.  We would appreciate you taking the time to fill out a Parent/Guardian Survey by clicking here 

Our Survey is also available online:

Your participation in our Parent/Guardian Survey provides us with important feedback that allows us to learn how we can better meet your needs. The individual answers will never be disclosed and all information will be strictly confidential. Since the Surveys are completely anonymous, you should include your child’s name in a comment if you wish to refer to your specific situation.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation in helping us better serve all of our students. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call the office at (201) 227-3144.

LIVE! Summer Showcase Events Friday, August 12

Families and friends are invited and encouraged to attend the following end-of-session “Summer Showcase” events from our SC Enrichment campers, on Friday, August 12:

  • Discoveries & Adventures “Our Final Showcase” – 2:15 PM – Lower School Gym, Drapkin Hall
  • String Society 2016 Grand Finale Concert – 3:00 PM – Hajjar Auditorium, Klein Campus Center

REMINDERS: Summer Store, Final Balances, and Lost & Found Items

Friday, August 12 is the last chance that SC campers and their families can purchase Summer Store items, including:

  • Water bottles – $1
  • Beach Towels – $5
  • Frisbees – $0.50
  • USB Flashdrives – $5
  • Drawstring Bags – $2

This is also the last chance for SC families to pick up any lost items from our lost and found cabinet located in the SC Main Office, in the Imperatore Library. Anything left after Friday, August 12, will be donated to a local charity.

Reminder: Final Balances Due!

All payments to D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) MUST be paid in full this week. If you would like to pay directly or review your account from the Summer Connections Parent Dashboard, please log in by using your email address and your password. If you would like to send in a check made payable to Dwight-Englewood School, please mail it to:

D-E 360° Summer Connections

Dwight-Englewood School

315 East Palisade Avenue

Englewood, NJ 07631

SAVE THE DATES! A 2017 Sneak Preview

Mark your calendars for D-E 360° Summer Connections 2017, which will run from June 26 to August 5, 2017.  We’re beginning to work on the catalog of offerings for Scholars and Enrichment, but please take a sneak preview of the themes for Adventures & Discoveries campers next year.
Discoveries 2017 Themes (Preschool – Kindergarten)
Week 1- Oceanic Wildlife
Week 2- Residents of the Rain Forest
Week 3- Desert Dwellers
Week 4- Wetland Inhabitants
Week 5- Polar Plungers
Week 6- Mountain Climbers
Adventures 2017 Theme: Habitats of the World (Grades 1- 4)
Week 1- Oceans: An Offshore Study of Oceans and Oceanic Wildlife
Week 2- The Rain Forest: A Tropical Adventure of the Rain Forest and Its Inhabitants
Week 3- The Desert: Experience Arid Deserts and their Strong Survivors
Week 4- Wetlands: A March through the Marshes of our Planet’s Wetlands
 Week 5- Polar Regions: An Excursion to Our Lands of Most Extreme Temperatures
 Week 6- Mountains: A Peek into the World’s Highest Peaks
05 Aug

Adventures: Group 1

by Ms. Kate Augustus

Team USA!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 1 campers will learn more about the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio that will start this weekend! We will watch clips from the Opening Ceremony and discuss which countries are participating.
  • In addition, campers will explore the sporting events that will take place and the athletes that will compete for the gold for Team USA!
05 Aug

Adventures: Group 2

by Ms. Jenevieve Chimento

Summer Athletes

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 2 campers will learn about the training, dedication, and resources needed to participate in the Olympics and the summer games in particular!  Campers will also  use their creativity to design a “new” event named “The Olympic Challenge” including creating a name, rules, and qualifications!
  • In addition, campers will learn about various summer Olympic events and design a course route for the summer event of their choosing. They will also be finishing up their “Olympic Park” projects – using various materials (small boxes/construction paper/paper towel holders/etc.) to build a 3D replica of an Olympic park.
05 Aug

Adventures: Group 4

by Ms. Melanie Markarian

Olympians in Training!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 4 campers will enjoy being “Olympians in training” when they participate in “mini” Olympic athletics events, and prepare a summer Olympics-inspired Friday Showcase!
  • We will also enjoy live viewing of some of the Olympics taking place in Rio.
05 Aug

Adventures: Group 5

by Mrs. Meg Muller 

“Mini” Olympic Games!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 5 campers will read the books Swifter, Higher, Stronger: A Photographic History of The Summer Olympics by Sue Macy,Summer Olympics by Clive Gifford, Olympia – Warrior Athletes of Ancient Greece by David Kennett, and The Olympics by Matt Christopher.
  • Throughout the week, we will compete in our own mini Olympics including jumping, stretching, and rolling different objects.
  • We will also look forward to using the art of pointillism to create unique Olympic watercolors!
05 Aug

Adventures: Art

by Ms. Amanda Wilson

Artistic Pop-Ups & Autograph Books!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures campers will make popups of the summer Olympics, as well as geometric and organic shapes using warm and cool colors with tissue paper!
  • After completing their artwork, Adventurers will create autograph books so we will remember all of our friends made this Summer 2016 at Summer Connections!
05 Aug

Adventures: Group 6

by Mr. Dave Pomeroy

Greek Gods and Goddesses!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures Group 6 campers will be researching Greek Gods and Goddesses on  iPads.  After an overview of the Greek gods,  each camper will be assigned a specific god to research, then will use the findings of their research to create a Greek god family tree for a bulletin board display!
  • We’ll also continue to view videos of inspirational Olympic moments.
05 Aug

Adventures: Spanish/Drama/Cooking

by Ms. Sandra Buritica

¡Hola Amigos!

  • This week Adventures campers in Spanish will learn how to say and read the numbers 0-20 in Spanish, skip count to 50 “cincuenta” and learn the numbers 100 “cien” and 1,000 “mil”.
  • In Drama we’ll play charades with the vocabulary theme words for Animals in the farm “Los Animales de la Granja” and common places and careers in the community “La comunidad”.
  • In Cooking,  we will make mini pizzas and continue learning words associated with baking, cooking and being courteous in Spanish (mezcla, echar, maza, chocolate, vainilla, queso, limonada, agua, por favor y gracias – mix, pour, dough, chocolate, vanilla, cheese, lemonade, water, please and thank you).  We will also create Tasty Torches made from rice crispies and sugar cones!
05 Aug

Adventures: Exploratorium

by Ms. Doran Muus

A Final Week, Filled with Fun!

During the week of August 8, Adventures campers will choose from a collection of activities and simple experiments that they complete independently. Campers can measure and collect the materials and enjoy the following experimental explorations:

  • How to grow mold
  • How to make a mini volcano erupt
  • How to make Slime
  • How to create Outrageous Ooze
  • How to make a bubble burst
05 Aug

Adventures: Yoga

by Ms. Nicole Henry

Mandalas and Mantras!

  • During the week of August 8, Adventures campers will explore some show tunes to open the voice and create a fun and active yoga class! The high energy songs will then be in contrast to our end-of-class, relaxing songs where the body learns to slow itself down . We will exaggerate the slowness to teach the body how to rejuvenate the nervous system and discuss other calming methods to bring the body into a relaxation state / mind control method.
  • Adventurers will also learn the difference between mandalas and mantras. Campers will make their own mantras to make room for some new and expansive thoughts of how they see themselves!
05 Aug


by Mrs. Simone Aynilian

During the week of August 8, our Adventures campers can look forward to a (final) week of fun!


  • Water Play Day is Tuesday, August 9: Campers should bring bathing suit, towel, water shoes, sunblock, and a change of clothes.
  • Field Day is Wednesday, August 10
  • Theme Thursday is Thursday, August 11: Pajama Day! Wear your comfy PJs to camp! Face Painting is (also) taking place on Thursday, August 11.
  • Farewell Showcase is Friday, August 12 from 2:15 to 3:15 PM, in the Lower School Gym, Drapkin Hall.
05 Aug


by Mrs. Stacy Carela

Last Week of Discoveries!

It’s hard to believe that next week will be our last week in camp!  This summer, we’ve reacquainted with old friends and even made some new ones.  Additionally, students gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the Olympics.

Some of the culminating events for the week of August 8 include the following:

  • Wednesday, August 10 – Olympic Field Day!
  • Thursday, August 11 – Theme Thursday – Pajama Day! Campers are welcome and encouraged to come to camp in their comfy PJs!!
  • Friday August 12 – Our Final Showcase!  2:15-3:15 PM, Lower School Gym, Drapkin Hall
05 Aug

Discoveries: Red Group

by Ms. Rachel Shin

Winter Olympics & Rhyming Words

  • During the week of August 8, Discoveries Red Group campers will learn about and explore about the winter Olympics, as we play our own version of ‘the Games’!
  • We also look forward to studying onomatopoeias ,  identifying rhyming words, naming shapes and counting with manipulatives!
05 Aug

Discoveries: Blue Group

by Ms. Kristen Schott

Learning to become an Olympian!

  • During the week of August 8, Discoveries Blue Group campers will learn about how  athletes train to become Olympians by doing a little training ourselves!
  • We will also discuss together healthy eating habits, explore age appropriate exercises, and prepare for our final Friday showcase!
05 Aug

Discoveries: Yellow Group

by Mr. Tim Coyne

Summer vs. Winter Olympics!

  • During the week of August 8, Discoveries Yellow Group campers will be talking about the events in the upcoming summer Olympics, including comparing the number of events that take place at this time as compared to the winter Olympics.
  • In addition, our campers will do some of their own Olympics-inspired physical activities, going outside to run, jump and throw!