Sports Activities for Summer 2021

Health & Wellness Sports Activities for Summer Connections 2021

Our Summer Connections diverse program of athletics classes are designed for fitness, lifelong learning, and fun! Athletics courses engage students in physical activities to learn more about a variety of sports, activities, and games. 

We’ve partnered with leading experts in their fields to bring students a variety of built-in weekly experiences  in tennis, yoga, archery, golf and fencing.  Each week brings new learning as the instructors mix it up.  Athletes strengthen their skills in the sports that they know and love and build upon their knowledge of strategy, teamwork and competition. Beginners gain a strong basis of skills and knowledge in a short amount of time.  

Each athletics session challenges participants with age- and skill-appropriate activities in large and small groups by utilizing cooperative learning and competitive play. Instructors are focused on safety, learning, engagement, and differentiation based on the variety of skill levels.  Classes are co-ed and participants will be grouped according to the tasks at hand. 

Students will have a short break during each one of their athletics courses. Based on weather conditions, alternate plans may be made for indoor and or classroom learning activities.  Most athletics equipment is provided; however personal safety items may be required based offerings. Sneakers are required.  Sports eyewear is encouraged.