D-E360° AfterSchool: NEW! Enrichment Programs for D-E Lower & Middle School Students

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Join Us! D-E 360° Pop-Up Family Seminar Series


With Fleming Tech Camp and Ms. Sharon

Tuesdays @ 5:15-6 PM: enrollment includes all three sessions – March 2,  March 9, March 16

FREE Enrichment Program for Lower School Families:

D-E 360° Programs Director, Sharon Keigher is inviting students in Grades 2-5 to participate in a three-part Minecraft computer game seminar series.  We’re learning from a number of sources (see article link example) that not only are online games a fantastic source of students connecting and bonding during this very unusual time, engagement on an online platform such as Minecraft also can serve to reinforce students’ literacy and computational thinking skills (see article link example). Have your child join their peers in a spirited collaborative virtual world with us.

Topic: Minecraft Recess

Time: 5:00 Tuesdays – March 2, March 9, and March 16

Register through Campbrain *please note that this is a commitment to 3 sessions*

  • Fleming Tech Camp brings us a proctored Minecraft Education virtual adventure game. Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. The game will be set to “Creative Mode.”
  • Each session will feature a Minecraft Expert who will work with students to build projects, answer their questions and provide constructive feedback. All levels of players – including beginners – are welcome!
  • Unlike most of our seminars, this one is limited to 24 students, as we need to set up player accounts.

Please register through Campbrain to reserve your Minecraft recess experience!

Click here for Minecraft, Teachers, Parents, and Learning- What They Need to Know and Understand PDF.

Questions? Please send Ms. Sharon an email at keighs@d-e.org.

A Message from the D-E 360° AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE) Team Director, Sharon Keigher

January 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year and welcome to our Winter Term! I am so excited to get back into the rhythm of school and enjoying our community in the best, most fun, and safest ways possible.

I’m really excited about our Enrichments, particularly for our Merry Mandarin Classes, an active, recreational immersion into the Chinese language through games, crafts and song.

Tuesdays also bring us the ever-popular “Kidz Theater with Ms. Alexis” where students learn the basics of script writing and perform their own play. This term, the final project will be a video of the performance.

Wednesdays are Chess with NYChess Kids with Chess Master Saudin and Khatia.

Thursdays are our ever-popular Vineyard App Camp, where students learn programming in order to create a real app of their own.

We also have a few more amazing “Pop Up Family Events” planned this term!

Please register at CampBrain to take advantage of our customized Enrichment programs! The feedback from our programs has been overwhelmingly positive – join the fun to be together in these distanced times!!

I’m looking forward to “seeing” you at one of our events – soon! See below for additional details. And, as always, feel free to reach out with any and all questions and suggestions. Email us at: de360info@d-e.org.



ACE Winter 2021 Virtual Enrichment Classes

Sign up through CampBrain; Zoom links and access codes will be emailed to families after registration.


Mandarin with Manhattan Mandarin:  $645 for the Term

After school Mandarin is coming to Dwight-Englewood! Join the amazing teachers of Manhattan Mandarin as we explore the language and culture of China. Programs are being offered to all grades and skill levels. Manhattan Mandarin is made up of native and non-native teachers who know what it takes to make the journey to fluency. We love inspiring students to make the switch to Mandarin while opening up an entire new world for them to explore. MM is so excited to join the D-E family!

  • Lower and Middle School:
    • Merry Mandarin: Grades K-5 4:15-5:00        Tuesdays

Manhattan Mandarin brings us an active, recreational immersion into the Chinese language through games, crafts and song. From mask making to the Lantern Festival, students will be actively using common supplies to create crafts and learn Mandarin.

The entire MM team has been trained in online lessons and are constantly striving to improve our remote learning capabilities. Each week MM conducts 120+ private remote lessons and 20+ remote group lessons. As partners in our students’ well being, they welcome rigorous and constructive feedback.

Week 1: Greetings, introductions, ‘nihao song’, and language basics.

Week 2: Learning to eat in Mandarin.  Food, colors, and the verb ‘to eat’ 吃.

Week 3: Love and Happiness!  How to express yourself in Mandarin.

Week 4: Colors and geography through Chinese Opera.  Make a traditional Sichuan opera mask!

Week 5: Valentine’s day!  Arts and crafts galore!

Week 6: An introduction to Chinese New Year.  Learning the culture and language of the most festive of celebrations.

Week 7: Chinese New Year is more than one week! Let’s dig-in and learn more about this annual holiday!

Week 8: The Lantern Festival!  We will explore shapes and colors while making our own lanterns.

Week 9: Learning about animals through the zodiac calendar.

Week 10: A big review and reading of ‘Hungry, hungry caterpillar’ in Mandarin.

We are also offering traditional Mandarin classes, both Heritage and beginners Mandarin.

Kidz Theater with Ms. Alexis:  $645 for the Term

Miss Alexis returns for her fourth year with our D-E program! She is a teacher and performing actress who has worked with American Theater Group and she holds a degree in Theater. Students learn the basics of script writing and perform their own play. This term, the final project will be a video of the performance.

  • Grades K-5 Limit: 12 students       4:45-5:25         Tuesday


Chess with NYChess Kids (Instruction + Weekly Tournament): $645 for the Term

Grades K-8

Chessmaster Saudin Robovic’s team of Katia and partners guide our students from instruction into the world of competition via the National Chess Federation. It begins with our local D-E tournaments and moves into options that include Manhattan tournaments and beyond!

  • 3:00pm-3:45pm: Beginners: players will be introduced to the game of chess, how to use the pieces and how to play the game. Basic strategy and competition will be introduced.
  • 3:45pm-4:30pm: Intermediate: players are familiar with the pieces and will concentrate on strategy and tactics.
  • 4:30pm-5:15pm: Advanced: Advanced Chess players are familiar with the game and are ready to consider multiple approaches and strategies. This level is focused on competitive play.
  • 5:15pm-6:00pm: Tournaments and play for all levels.


CODING &  ENTREPRENEURSHIP: with VineyardAppsCamp (VAC):  $645 for the Term

“Make a Real App for D-E or a Non-Profit”

  • Grades 3-8 (working in teams of 6:1 instructor) Limit 12 4:15-5:15 (Thursdays)

VineyardAppCamp (VAC) is an innovative tech and entrepreneurship program where students learn the skills to be a coder and the mindset to be an entrepreneur. They accomplish this by conceiving and building an iPhone app that is released to the entire world! Students pick up the fundamentals of entrepreneurial design, coding, and deployment early on; they then immediately put their new skills to use by banding together to make an app for a real-non-profit organization, or (if they so choose) their own school, Dwight Englewood.

Working in groups no larger than 6 students (each group with one adult), students learn HTML, Javascript and React Native; then collaborate on an app with the rest of their class)

Previous students (grades 4-8) have created real apps being used right now by a mental health charity, a New York non-profit, and a charter school in the UK. Our 3 instructors are empathetic and experienced Ivy-League coding experts who are committed to helping students gain an exciting set of 21st-century tech skills.


Email de360info@d-e.org or contact Sharon Keigher directly by Email at : keighs@d-e.org

To sign-up /participate in these offerings, all Families (including those with currently-enrolled D-E  students) must register through the D-E 360° CampBrain system: click here or go to: https://de360parentdashboard.campbrainregistration.com/