Thailand Summer 2023

Chess Team for Lower School Students | Preschool - Grade 5

Our Chess program, featuring new Grandmaster Mackenzie Molner, offers instructional sessions plus new 'friendly' open tournament sessions on Fridays. See the button below for full schedule & description


Data visualizations on postcards will give us a form of personal documentary; each day of our trip, from our departure through our travels in Thailand and our return home, we will collect and measure a particular type of data about our lives. By collecting the particular qualities unique to only Thai-derived experiences, such as the environment, the landscapes, meals, culture, language, music, textiles, arts and the role of art in Buddhism, we will combine artistic expression with quantifiable data. We’ll use this data to make a drawing that is translated from a personal interpretation derived from a travel sketchbook to a form of communication that is postcard-sized.

Program Themes:

  • Explore the intersections of art and mathematics within the context of Thailand through the use
    of data visualization and a travel sketchbook
  • Discover the rich performing arts, fine arts and traditional crafts that have been passed down for centuries
    and continue to evolve
  • Learn about the spirituality that is intertwined with daily life, politics and the urban and rural landscapes of
    throughout regions both countries

Cost: $10,650
Registration Deadline: December 1, 2022
Eligibility: Currently Enrolled D-E Students in Grade 9-12   

A $3,195 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration or by December 1, 2022. (Checks should be made payable Dwight-Englewood School and submitted to the D-E 360° Office). Early registration is encouraged and allows us to  guarantee D-E 360° offering as soon as enrollment is sufficient. Prices may be adjusted for recipients of D-E financial aid.  Please contact Dr. Brown at directly to apply for a trip scholarship. Final trip payment $7,455 is due February 15, 2023

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    • To download the D-E 360° Travel Application Form 2023 (PDF), click here.


    About Marisol Diaz & Patti Barrett, Trip Leaders

    Marisol Diaz has been an art educator at Dwight-Englewood for 25 yrs and currently serves as the Chair of the Art & Design Department. Marisol is a passionate neo-generalist, problem-based learning (PBL) educator and an artist who believes in friendly behemoths who sit on boxes; disrupting educational limitations, stigmas and classifications such as the antiquated stigma between art, math and science. Marisol is a graduate from the Highschool of Art & Design in NYC, is a Painting & Sculpture major from Antioch College and has an M.F.A. from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Marisol is a practicing multidisciplinary artist

    Patti Barrett is a second-career teacher who has been teaching math and computer science at Dwight-Englewood for 15 years and currently serves as the Chair of the department of Mathematics & Computer Science. Patti believes in turning STEM into STEAM to more deeply engage students in thinking about how math is woven throughout the fabric of their lives. Her previous career was in the high technology and software industry. Patti has a BS in Computer Science from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Virginia. She also has an MA in Teaching Mathematics from New York University’s Steinhardt School

    Thailand Trip Information Sessions (See Zoom Recording Below) 

    • For Students – Friday October 28 12:30 – 1:30PM Hulst House (Lunch will be provided)
    • For Families  –  Zoom Info Session: Tuesday, November 1, 6:30PM