17 Jun

Sherronda’s Message

Dear Friends,

Welcome to D-E 360° View, the e-newsletter for D-E 360° !

D-E 360° is centered on learning boldly for all seasons. What we’ve built with the year-around programs offered through D-E 360° is an opportunity for learners to engage in active learning: making connections between new ideas and prior understanding, engaging in play, connecting creativity and expression, and challenging oneself with direct immersive inquiry.  In my nearly 30 years’ experience in education, I can say unequivocally, that schools are pretty interesting places in how they are organized, what’s taught, and how things are taught.  Sometimes, the structures that are in place in schools get in the way of our intended outcomes.  Learning, on the other hand, is always present. And it is a process that happens through experience, individual study and teaching.  What we also know is that learning doesn’t stop when the school day, week or year end.  Through D-E360°, we’re committed to building programs beyond the school day, on the weekends and in summer that inspire and put us in a cycle of continuous learning and wonder.

We invite you to “Learn Boldly” with us in all of our seasons to come. Enrich your weekends, gain new skills, and get ready to learn boldy… see below and visit de360.d-e.org for details on all our programs.

Questions?  Call 201-227-3144 or Email de360info@d-e.org.

Sherronda Brown, Ed.D.
Director, D-E 360°

Welcome to D-E 360!

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