02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Group 1 Update 

Campers were immersed in fairytales and fantasy world! We listened to the story Jack and the Beanstalk and created our own group beanstalk including pictures of campers climbing it! We painted royal portraits of ourselves which included crowns, gowns, jewels and special royal clothing! We read The Gruffalo and made mythical Gruffalos. The Fantastical Faire was so much fun. We made crowns fit for royals. We built houses that the big bad wolf couldn’t knock down! Thank you for sharing your children with us! We had a blast on our adventures this summer!

02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Group 2 Update 

This week Group 2 explored the fantasy world by reading Fables, Tall Tales, and Fairy Tales.  We learned about the unique features of each and wrote our own fables. We shared our stories and our wonderful illustrations with each other.  We also made summer memory books that I hope your campers will read to you. It has been a pleasure sharing the summer with your children! We had an amazing time on our summer adventure to different worlds!

02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Groups 3 Update

This week Group 3 had a magical time exploring fantasy world. Students read several fairy tales and learned about characters while acting them out. They created a mythical kingdom with magical dragons and unicorns as well as puppets. During the Fantastical Faire, parents and students completed the Humpty Dumpty Challenge where they created a force field to protect Humpty during the fall. The faces of each family working together and having fun was priceless. Thank you Group 3 for a fabulous final week!

02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Group 4 Update 

Wow! What an amazing week. We opened our final door to the World of Fantasy and Fairy Tales! 

Group 4 loved learning all about the structure of what makes a Fairy Tale!

Make sure to check out our own Fairy Tale Characters, The Fantastical Unicorn, The Evil Villain Dragon, and The Magical Fairy Godmother 🧚🏽‍♀️!!

Thank You for an Amazing Summer! 

Group 4

02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Group 5 Update

Group 5 explored the genres of fairy tale, fantasy, and myth by reading the following picture books.  The Frog Prince Continued by Jon Scieszka, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears by Leo and Diane Dillion, Lon Po Po by Ed Young, Young Zeus by G. Brian Karas, The Emperor and the Kite by Jane Yolen, and The Trojan Horse by Warwick Hutton.   We created our own Trojan Horses, painted a frog prince, and designed Greek vases. Together we created our own version of Three Little Pigs” using a Mad Libs to guide us. During siesta we read the book Lawn Boy by Gary Paulson.

02 Aug

SC 2019 Week 6 Adventures Group 6 Update

This week, Group Six explored “Fantasies” by reading several books, engaging in focused discussions, and completing follow-up activities.  After defining “fantasy” as anything involving a strong sense of imagination, Group Six applied this definition to Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.  Everyone in Group 6 created their own monster inspired by Sendak’s Wild Things.  

Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters and several Dr. Seuss stories were read and also discussed.  Group six visited the Medieval Times, reading Saint George and the Dragon. Then, they created some amazing dragons of their own out of Play-doh, pipe cleaners, and tissue paper.  All in all, it was a magical week to end our summer program.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 1 Update 

Campers embraced Our World Beyond as they learned about the planets and created their planet in a galaxy far away. The planets have characteristics of the planets in the solar system, as well as some unique qualities.

We made alien headbands and learned an alien dance. Some campers invented an alien language and added words to their headbands.

We learned about constellations and had an opportunity to stargaze with our handmade telescopes.  We enjoyed the planetarium at The Hudson Museum as this further developed our understanding of the world beyond.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 2 Update 

I was up all night wondering where the Sun had gone… then it dawned on me. Ha! But seriously, folks…Week 5 of Camp Adventures has flown by, just like the rest of our summer at D-E 360°! This week, students in Group 2 blasted off into the solar system and learned about the planets and the Earth’s moon. We had a blast at the Planetarium at the Hudson River Museum on Wednesday—it was a beautiful day for a field trip.  For those of you who are leaving us this Friday: I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your summer! For those who are returning for week 6, I hope to see you next Wednesday at the family event where we will explore Our Fantasy World: Fairy Tales, Magic, and Myths.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Groups 3 Update

Group 3 had a blast exploring the galaxy. We read and discovered facts about the planets and replicated our favorite one. After reading about aliens, Group 3 created their own alien spaceship to fly around. On the field trip to the Hudson River Museum, students enjoyed the planetarium and visited the earth, moon, and sun. They also created and launched rockets! Finally to celebrate Camp Kindness Day, Group 3 spun the kindness wheel to choose how they would spread kindness at DE. What an amazing week!

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 4 Update 

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLAST OFF!!!!

What an exciting week we had unlocking our door to Outer Space.

Group 4 loved learning all about the Apollo 11 Mission in honor of its 50th Anniversary. 

We started off the week learning about foreshortening-a technique used in perspective to create the illusion of an object floating in space. 

Our DIY astronaut helmet was one of the highlights of our adventure through space. 

Come check out our Astronaut Portrait exhibit.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 5 Update

Together we read the following picture books to learn more about the amazing space around the planet earth. How Are Stars Born? By Greg Roza, A True Book The Moon by Christine Taylor Butler, A True Book The Sun by Christine Taylor Butler, What is an Eclipse? By Michael Portman, A True Book Constellations by F. S. Kim, and Margaret and the Moon How Margaret Hamilton Saved The First Lunar Landing by Dean Robbins. Each student designed a moveable rover and straw rockets. We designed our own model of the planets in our classroom. During siesta we are relaxing and listening to Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo.

26 Jul

SC 2019 Week 5 Adventures Group 6 Update

This week, Group Six explored outer space with several group discussions and activities.  The 50th Anniversary of the moon landing kicked off the week. Moon landing fun facts were shared and discussed.  They also explored the solar system by constructing a model of the solar system with all the planets revolving around the sun. The finished products went up on the group bulletin board for all to see.   Group Six also followed up on the lunar presentation they saw on their field trip at the Hudson River Museum Planetarium with a project on the phases of the moon. Each person created a spinning diagram of the 8 different phases of the moon. Everyone did a great job all week long. 

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 1 Update

This week Group 1 opened the door into Our Future World! As a group, we looked into what coding is and made our own coding bracelets for our friends to figure out what secret message they made with beads. We also created our own robots and found out how helpful robots are to humans. Each of our campers named their robots which brought out their creative side. Lastly our campers, learned about innovation and ways we can create our own ideas. Group one worked in teams building their own bridges with the use of popsicle sticks and cups. Group 1 had a fantastic week in our future world! We are looking forward to next week when we open the door to Our World Beyond!

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

It’s been a busy week for Group 2 & 3 as they explored Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation. Students worked in stations to learn coding basics at code.org (a free site you can check out at home), created pathways and codes for Ozobots, investigated the basics of electricity through Snap Circuits, and completed STEM challenges. Our campers also listened to several read-alouds about famous women in the fields of math and technology. 

We’re blasting off next week into Our World Beyond: Space and Solar Systems.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 4 Update

What an exciting week. As we unlocked another door, we were amazed with all that we knew about our future world.

Group 4 was busy learning how to code. Thanks to our partnership with Hour of Code, we learned some of the basic fundamentals of coding and computer graphics.

Make sure to check out our live action movie trailer we created. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Thank You,
Group 4

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 5 Update

Computers are more than just games and files. It all begins with the binary number system which we learned includes two numbers 0 & 1. We wrote our names using the binary number system. Each student made secret decoders which were used to write “secret messages” to our friends. Everyone designed their own model which included the key components of a computer.Together we read the following books to learn more about computers including: The History of the Computer by Elizabeth Raum, How a Computer Is Made by Sam Aloian, Kids Get Coding Coding, Bugs, and Fixes by Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale, Coding with Blockly by Amber Lovett, Grace Hopper Queen of Computer Coding by Laurie Wallmark, Virtual-Reality Headsets by Valerie Bodden, and Kids Get Coding Online Safety For Coders by Heather Lyons and Elizabeth Tweedale.

19 Jul

SC 2019 Week 4 Adventures Group 6 Update

Group Six focused on codes. They discussed when codes have been used throughout history and how computers use them today. Each member of Group Six created their own secret code decoder and used it to solve several secret codes. They also created their own secret message for the class to solve.  The group then worked with binary codes. They discussed technology’s use of binary codes and solved several binary code riddles. 

After their trip to the Meadowlands Environmental Center and their work with sustainable energy, Group Six continued with this innovative topic by discussing and working on a few projects involving renewable energy sources. They all did a great job with their codes and projects!

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 1 Update 

Group 1 campers were excited to see old friends and eager to make new friends!  We embraced this weeks theme of Our World Before. Campers imagined what it would be like if the dinosaurs came back as we listened to a read aloud by Bernard Most of the book If the dinosaurs came back.  We created a group book with the same title; the campers had terrific ideas about what life would be like if dinosaurs roamed our earth.  We became paleontologists as we searched the camp room for dinosaur bones with a partner and had to piece the bones together like a puzzle to create a T-Rex. Campers were all smiles as they worked together. We used Model Magic to design replicas of dinosaurs and sang songs about our creations.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 2 & 3 Update

Group 2 & 3 had a DINO-mite time exploring Our World Before: Prehistory, Dinosaurs, and Ancient Worlds this week at camp! We made a large diorama as a class, with each student creating a plant, animal, or land form to show what the world looked like 60 million years ago. Students listened to a great new nonfiction book, Titanosuar, and learned about the largest dinosaur which was recently uncovered in Argentina. It was awesome to see the actual model of the Patagotitan Mayorum at the Museum on Wednesday!

Next week: the future looks bright as we welcome new campers to Group 2 & 3, and discover Our Future World: Technology, Coding, and Innovation.

12 Jul

SC 2019 Week 3 Adventures Group 4 Update 

What an exciting week!

In Group 4 we unlocked our magical door to the prehistoric era!!

Group 4 found ourselves in the land of “Bedrock” or as we call it “DEROCK”. We loved learning about what life was like for America’s favorite family cartoon, “The Flinstones”. Come check out our self portraits, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Yabba-Dabba Doo!!

We also loved learning about the various dinosaurs that once roamed the earth.

See you next week!

Welcome to D-E 360!

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