Welcome to D-E 360°

Dear Families,

Launched in the Fall of 2015, D-E 360° is one of four divisions of Dwight-Englewood School, offering open-enrollment courses for enrichment, advancement, or for credit. Courses are designed to be multidisciplinary in nature offering learning across a variety of disciplines for different age groups (including adults).

Among our D-E 360° core offerings are Summer Connections, Lower School AfterCare & Enrichment (ACE), D-E International, DELTA (Dwight-Englewood Learning and Teaching Academy (for Adults), Spring MasterClasses in Strings and Flute, Middle School Enrichment and Summer Connections. D-E 360° also coordinates the World Games for neighboring school Gifted & Talented Programs as well as serves the greater community with Saturday Enrichment Workshops.

We invite and encourage you to learn more about D-E 360° and all our offerings. Contact us by phone at 201-227-3144 or email us at: de360info@d-e.org.


Sherronda Brown, Ed. D.
Director of D-E 360°

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