Immersives Program Overview

We’re delighted to be able to offer Immersives/MasterClasses/Seminars with experienced and renowned coders, researchers, journalists, writers, thinkers, and artists. Our Immersives provide experiential learning with students having close collaboration with master-level faculty as well as peers who are equally passionate about the topic. Immersives generally range from one week to six weeks in length, depending on the selection. The students’ immersion in the topic of study over the course of a day is long enough to provide a depth of knowledge and skills-building in the targeted areas. We have some exciting offerings this year that range the gamut from art and design to stem leadership and environmental conservation to music and movement.

The classes are scheduled generally between 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM Mon-Fri with appropriate breaks. Our approach to Immersives begins with the premise that participants learn by doing. In particular, teachers are expected to employ alternative methods for providing feedback to support student growth and learning. Immersives for SC2021 does not seek to emulate a regular school day schedule; rather, it provides learning experiences and opportunities for connection between students and faculty/staff.  In addition, work is designed to provide students with autonomous learning as well as connected time with groups. There is no expectation of graded work with Immersives; however, students will be invited to produce and present a project that reflects the learning.

Summer Immersives for Students in Grades 5+:

Art and Design; STEM Leadership & Environmental Conservation; and Theater, Movement and Music

  • Theater, Movement and Music for students in Grades 5+