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Week 6

WOW! What a wonderful Week 6 with D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC)!

Below are highlights from just a few Enrichment and Immersive programs offered to campers this past week. Feeling “fantastical”? Catch up with our Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp. Our youngest campers enjoyed “Our Fantasy World” and participating in a “Fantastical Faire”– the culmination of their six weeks of exploration into our “Keys to Different Worlds” theme this Summer 2019!

With Week 6 now wrapped-up, Summer 2019 has now officially ended at D-E 360° SC. Looking back over the past six weeks, 600+ campers — along with more than 200 energized and engaged SC faculty and staff — actively engaged in the arts, athletics, business entrepreneurship, cooking, leadership, STEM, and so many other areas. Together we had a myriad of memorable experiences, formed new friendships, and, of course, made the most of opportunities to “Learn Boldly.”

We are grateful to ALL our campers, their families, and everyone who helped make Summer 2019 a success! We also invite you to visit us in the coming months to continue to learn how D-E 360° provides new opportunities to “Learn Boldly”! 

We hope you will visit us at, Email or call 201-227-3144.  We look forward to seeing you again in Summer 2020!

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Heading for Broadway This two-week Immersive program, new to SC this year, wrapped up with an exciting Summer Showcase presentation featuring campers’ monologues, group scenes, and songs. Campers’ core classes included singing, acting, and movement. They also learned show-stopping tactics from award-winning directors, including John Giresi and Steven Bell. Everyone had a blast seeing Frozen on Broadway.

3D Origami This week our Enrichment campers enrolled in 3D Origami learned the traditional art of origami this week with a spin, using glue to combine small pieces of folded paper to create 3-dimensional structures. Campers chose designs from an origami book with instructions they followed to build an array of different art pieces with bright, unique colors and patterns.

Balloon Rocket Car STEM Competition Enrichment campers in this STEM course teamed up to build cars made out of recycled materials such as straws, plastic water bottles, and CDs. After blowing into a balloon and then attaching it to the car, campers let go and watched their cars travel. After making continuous tweaks and modifications throughout the week, on Friday, the teams competed on the bottom floor of STEM to see whose balloon rocket car was the best.

Mangia Italia Yummmm… Campers in the Mangia Italia Enrichment course learned the art of Italian cooking this week. Each day, campers learned techniques for making consistently delicious Italian meals of different sorts. New culinary skills gained included making homemade pasta, crafting sauces from scratch, and the choosing of cheeses to finish it all off. They also made meatballs and classic Italian pizza.

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored “Our Fantasy World” this week. Campers dove into the magical lands and characters of children’s stories and learned about the aspects which make up a story, such as the main character. The campers’ imaginations were expanded through the learning experiences they had in each class. On Wednesday they also enjoyed dressing up as their favorite book characters during the “Fantastical Faire” with their families, featuring fun arts and crafts and a guest magician. On the last day, campers enjoyed a video of photos taken of them throughout the six weeks of SC 2019.

Week 5

Week 5 was alive with energy at D-E 360° Summer Connections 2019, thanks to thoughtful initiatives linked to Camp Kindness Day (celebrated on July 25); exciting hands-on Enrichment offerings such as Cut N Sew, Delectable Desserts; Fiesta Mexicana; and Investigative Reporting, to name a few; and special space system- and future-minded programs for our youngest campers as they opened doorways to “The World Beyond” (see below for details).

Through the Enrichment Program at D-E 360° Summer Connections, campers have the opportunity to choose classes from a wide variety of options. Some classes are all-day Immersives, where campers are given an in-depth experience like no other in a specialty of their choice. For campers looking for more variety in their day, they are able to pick three classes with roots in athletics, arts, or STEM.

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Marine Biology: Ocean Exploration

Campers learned all about the ocean from current and salinity to fish and whales in this week’s featured immersive. They engaged in exciting experiments, oceanography simulations, and related games. They got to speak to some researchers and study live animals in their habitats.

Cut N Sew

Campers were taught how to bring a design vision to life all while being conscientious of the environment. They recycled, repurposed, and reformed their own clothes by cutting, sewing, and piecing them together to make something new and original.

Fencing Academy

Through a program developed by Olympic fencers, campers developed their individual fencing skills with specific drills in foil, epee, and sabre.

Architect’s Studio

With presentations and hands-on projects, campers took creative approaches to designing and drawing buildings. They used a variety of materials to construct their own unique cities and architectural models.

The Verdict

Campers entered a simulated courtroom, acting as judges, jurors, prosecutors, defenders, and witnesses. They enacted trials about social media, bullying, and the First Amendment.

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored our world beyond! The campers learned about stars, planets, the sun, space travel, and more. In their classes campers created art, read books, and enjoyed other projects relating to space. On Wednesday the Adventures campers went to the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York. They watched an educational show in the planetarium and created and even launched their own rockets. For Theme Thursday, campers came dressed as superheroes. Continuing the space theme, two special visitors representing NASA, including science presenter Laura Jean Checki, met with the campers to talk about our solar systems and space. Every camper enjoyed waterplay during this hot week.

Week 4

Despite this week’s unusually high temperatures, our Week 4 campers had myriad opportunities to beat the heat and learn boldly with new experiences in the arts, athletics, cooking, debate, entrepreneurship, leadership, and more. Some campers enjoyed all-day immersives, and were given an in-depth experience like no other in a specialty of their choice. For students looking for more variety in their day, they picked three separate classes with roots in athletics, arts, or STEM.

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Young Visionaries

Over the past two weeks in Young Visionaries, students explored using different mediums and techniques to create beautiful pieces of art. Students utilized watercolor and acrylic paint, made collages, sculptures, and more. With supportive teachers helping them along the way, students were pushed out of their comfort zones to make unique works of art. On Friday, the art pieces filled the Drapkin Hall Dining Hall and were admired by spectators.

Explosive Science

Through this immersive, student gained hand-on experience with aerodynamics and chemistry. They performed experiments like elephant toothpaste and the egg drop. Students also got to visit The Liberty Science Center halfway into the week. They learned about basic science principles in exciting and new ways!

Dance Fusion

Students practiced routines inspired by ballet, modern jazz, hip-hop, martial arts, and Zumba. During their warm-ups, they practiced stretching to develop balance, strength, and posture. They danced to popular songs, further developed their skills as dancers and athletes, and had a lot of fun doing it.

Vegetable Gardening & Cooking

Not only did students get to learn about important concepts related to sustainable cultivation practices and garden work activities, but they got to put them into action. They would spend the first half of the class in the extensive vegetable garden at Dwight-Englewood, and then they learned how to cook and prepare what they harvested.


This week, students were taught the art of woodworking. After instructions on how to be precise and accurate and use tools such as saws, hammers, chisels, students were then encouraged to use their imaginations to construct creative yet durable pieces of furniture.

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp campers explored the world of modern technology. Students discussed the meaning, importance, and application of technology in today’s society. They learned about the “language” used by computers and practiced coding. On Wednesday, the Adventures took a trip to the Meadowlands Environmental Center to learn about the preservation of our environment. The theme this Thursday was “Career Day,” so students came dressed as what they want to be when they grow up. Every student enjoyed waterplay during this hot week.


Week 3

What a wonderful Week 3 at D-E 360° Summer Connections! Our Enrichment campers continue to enjoy their ‘a la carte’ courses, ranging from Lotions & Potions to “The Verdict” and Volleyball! Our Immersive campers in “Heading For Broadway”, “Leadership & Community”, STEM Challenge, and other courses are enjoying their work with master-level faculty.

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Heading For Broadway

Immersive campers in Heading For Broadway are enjoying a dynamic professional-level theatrical experience! Each day is filled with exciting core classes in acting, singing, movement, stagecraft, and theatre history. Students participate in real-life ‘rehearsal sessions’ of performance selections including solo songs, monologues, scenes and musical production numbers. The students also look forward to attending a matinee of the Broadway hit musical FROZEN!

Two outstanding, award-winning theatre educators are leading Heading For Broadway: John Giresi and Stephen Bell. Both have been educators at Bergen County schools for many years and their musical productions have won awards throughout the region: including the Paper Mill Rising Star Awards, the Metropolitan High School Theatre Awards, and the Student Theater Festival at the Bucks County Playhouse. Several of their students have gone on to successful careers on and off Broadway!

STEM Challenge

Aspiring engineers and great problem solvers put their knowledge to the test in their immersive this week. They worked in project teams with skills like coding, 3D modeling, electronics, and design thinking. Students got to use the best tools available for learning electronics and design to create robots to travel through a designated course.


Through skill drills and game situations, campers learned to bump, set and spike! Whether this was their first time playing, or if they had more experience, everyone had fun. Coaches placed an emphasis on teaching fundamentals as well as good sportsmanship.

A Closer Look at Harry Potter

This week, students expanded on their knowledge and passion of the Harry Potter series. They created their own spells, magic wands, potions, and more. By taking an analytical approach to a fantasy series, students practiced their math, science, and artistic skills.

Lotions and Potions

In Lotions and Potions, students learned how to make beauty and body care products using all-natural ingredients. They learned about different properties should be used in making products, such as natural essential oils. Students played with a variety of scents to create their perfect products.

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

This week, Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp, students learned about the ancient world, specifically dinosaurs and other former plant and animal life. On Wednesday, the Adventures went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum and saw fossils and replicas of the animals and environments they had been learning about. For Theme Thursday, all students were encouraged to dress as if it were the 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s. The Tenafly Nature Center visited the Discoveries students, bringing sample fossils, a red tailed hawk, and an owl. With the United States women’s soccer team recently winning the World Cup, on Friday, all students and staff were asked to wear red, white, blue, or a soccer jersey, and enjoyed a small parade.

Week 2

It’s been a short but super Week 2 with D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) 2019!

Below are Week 2 highlights of our campers’ experiences within our EnrichmentImmersive, and Discoveries & Adventures and Junior Summer Day Camp programs.

Please note: SC 2019 is NOT in session on Thursday, July 4, and Friday, July 5, 2019. We wish all our families a fantastic 4th of July holiday weekend, and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday, July 8, to “Learn Boldly” with D-E 360° this summer!

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

Through the Enrichment Program at D-E 360°, campers have the opportunity to choose classes from a wide variety of options. Some classes are all-day Immersives, where campers are given an in-depth experience like no other in a specialty of their choice. For campers looking for more variety in their day, they are able to pick three classes with roots in athletics, arts, or STEM.

Leadership & Community Service

Campers who are interested in learning how to be better communicators, build a team, public speaking, and effective leadership skills are getting a charge out of our Leadership & Community Service Immersive! In addition to character-building workshops, these Immersive campers enjoy hands-on field trips focused on local service projects, such as the Bergen Family Center, and are awarded community service hours. On the last day of each week, a local leader is invited to share their experiences with the students. Ultimately these campers will be more empowered to make a positive difference in their schools, clubs, and communities.

Coding with Raspberry Pi

Coding with Raspberry Pi brought campers into a whole new world through a familiar game, Minecraft. By using the Raspberry Pi, a $35 dollar computer, campers learned the basics of Linux and how to build “mods” in Python. They worked in pairs to create their worlds using the coding techniques they learned.

Intro to Dissection

This week, campers learned the basics of how to perform autopsies and dissections. They practiced how to use scalpels, probes, forceps, and tweezers properly when dissecting. They got to dissect cow eyes and investigate the death of a mystery creature.

Krav Maga

Campers were given an overview of basic martial arts techniques, both disciplinary and creative. They also had the opportunity to break off and do some team building games.

Comic Book Illustrations

In Comic Book Illustrations, campers learned how to tell stories in a comic book style, and were encouraged to explore their creativity by drawing detailed comic book characters and writing out backstories. Campers designed their superheroes and made an opposing villain who could aptly challenge the heroes.

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

This week, Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Day Camp opened the door into the natural world. Throughout the short week, all campers learned about different plants and animals. The campers created art, read books, and sang songs all related to the natural world. On Tuesday, campers and teachers came dressed like farm animals and farmers. The Tenafly Nature Center visited the Discoveries groups, taught them about different animal species, and the campers got to see and touch a turtle and snake! On Wednesday, the Adventures visited the Bronx Zoo for an exciting wrap-up to the short week.

Week 1

Welcome Summer! D-E 360° Summer Connections (SC) 2019 officially kicked-off Monday, June 24, and by all accounts it was a great success, with dozens of opportunities for all our campers (along with their teachers, “blue shirt” counselors, and even their families), to “LEARN BOLDLY”!

This issue of our e-newsletter features highlights from the various Enrichment, Immersive, and other programs that took place during “Week 1” of Summer Connections (SC) 2019.

We also provide here an overview of activities this week and a look ahead for our Discoveries & Adventures and Junior Summer Day Camp Programs.

We encourage you to learn more, register online for future program opportunities, and enjoy many more highlights too! — at

Enrichment & Immersive Highlights

String Society

String Society returned this week to D-E 360° SC 2019, celebrating its 12th year and attracting nearly 40 dedicated, talented string players to the D-E campus. Designed for exceptional string students in Grades 5 – 12, String Society is an SC “Immersive” that provides an intensive orchestra and chamber experience. The “stringers” were involved in sectional, improvisational workshops, and team-building exercises. Each String Society student was given the chance for two separate private lessons. There were also plenty of opportunities to take a break including sessions in basketball, yoga, kickball, and mindfulness activities.

This year, String Society was privileged to be joined by guest violinist Sarah Whitney. She worked with the students in small ensemble/improvisational sessions and was the featured performing artist at the Grand Finale Concert. The energy and attention from program directors Annaliesa Place and Diego Garcia — together with an equally high level of engagement and commitment from the String Society faculty and counselors — was palpable and as clear as the memorable music streaming through practice rooms and performing spaces!

To finish the week, String Society performed a Grand Finale Concert in Hajjar Auditorium, performing Vivaldi’s “Allegro” from Concerto in B Minor; Piazzolla’s “Oblivion”; Karl Jenkins’ “Palladio”; and Shostakovich’s challenging “Allegro Molto” … to name a few. BRAVO!

Make ‘Em Laugh

This week in Make ‘Em Laugh, students entered the world of comedic improvisation. They participated in a variety of theater games and improvisational scenes, practicing vocal emotional, and physical expression. They completed exercises and played games in pairs, small groups, and as a class. They also had opportunities to present in front of the class to learn how to perform in front of an audience.


Mr. Keith took the students on a journey this week to find their targets. Early on, they learned how to hold a bow, the meaning of different whistles, and how to aim at a target. Every day, students practiced honing their archery skills. At the end of the week, they had a competition to test their abilities.  

Discoveries & Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp Highlights

This week in the Discoveries & Adventures and Junior Summer Day Camp, our youngest campers in Preschool through Grade 4 ‘opened doors’ to the World Of Today, learning more about transportation, buildings, and technology. Students made art pieces related to a variety of different structures and modes of transportation, creating their own Lego fans and trucks in the Exploratorium, making pyramids, and participating in singalong songs about busses, cars, and caravans. Adventures campers enjoyed a field trip to the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, and ALL of our youngest campers clearly enjoyed waterplay.

For more in-depth overviews from each of our groups in Discoveries, Adventures, and Junior Summer Day Camp, visit or click here!