Week 6 Highlights | Stories from Empires!

Once Upon A Time from Empires & Kingdoms Far Away!

A Message from our Director Lisa Brown,

  • Adventures and Discoveries enjoyed their last week exploring the worlds of historical, mythological, and imaginary empires. 
  • Campers read and listened to stories of ancient civilizations and mythological civilizations and created houses, castles, skyscrapers, and bridges out of all types of materials. Campers also had a visit from a few scaly and slimy friends from Flat Rock Creek Nature Center and enjoyed learning about how important they are to our ecosystem. 
  • Our week ended with our final water workshops hosted by Suez Water Company and group experiences in the Dwight Englewood greenhouse where they planted and created their own terrariums. What an awesome week and summer we had!

A Message from our Assistant Director,

Stacy Carela:

  • Discoveries had a great last week at camp! We dove into the world of fairy tales and folk tales and had a magical time. 
  • I had the chance to read Three Billy Goats Gruff! The kids were then challenged to build a bridge, that would be strong enough for the goats to walk across. We were able to create some amazing bridges that saved the billy goats from the nasty, mean troll–Yay!
  • This summer had many memorable moments, and we are grateful we got to share and create them with your children. We will truly miss all of our Discoveries campers.

Discoveries – Our Youngest Storytellers!

Red Group/Blue Group

  • The Red & Blue Groups had an awesome last week of camp! This week we explored the world of fairy tales. The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Alice In Wonderland, Seven Blind Mice, and The Empty Pot are just a few of the fairy tales we learned about over the course of the week. 
  • Flat Rock Brook came to visit us this week! We learned all about and got to meet some amphibians and reptiles! 
  • We ended a great week and a great Summer by seeing some of the older campers perform in the musical Seussical Jr. What a great way to end camp!

    Adventures: Our Courageous Heroes! 

    Group 1:

    • Group 1 enjoyed the last week of camp diving into Real and Imagined Worlds! The campers read the story The Three Little Pigs and had to work in a team to build the strongest house that could survive the Big Bad Wolf’s strong wind! 
    • We talked about the many superpowers like the Hulk, Thor, and Wonder Woman. Afterward, the students created their own superheroes and came up with 3 superpowers! They really enjoyed their own creativity and loved sharing with their classmates. 
    • Group 1 enjoyed their last week of camp!

    Group 2 & 3:

    • Groups 2 & 3 had a great time exploring Empires and Fairy Tales. Campers analyzed the classic Three Little Pigs story from the Big Bad Wolf’s point of view. Together camper’s built their own houses to be tested during our “Huff and Puff” experiment. 
    • Campers also learned about the rise of empires and created attire, protection, necessities for their empires.
    • What a great way to end our program by learning that the world is YOURS!

      Group 4:

      • Group 4 explored many different empires: real, imagined, and ones they created on their own! 
      • Campers imagined their own “Dream Island” and then designed a map with a legend that labeled all the different elements on their island. They also used marshmallows and toothpicks to create models of constellations and other architectural structures. 
      • What a great conclusion to the Summer Connections Program for Group 4!

        Discoveries & Adventures Activities!


        • The Imaginarium wrapped up the summer by exploring different aspects of ancient empires. Campers learned about the empire of ancient Greece through reading the story of Arachne. Then, they made spider webs using coffee filters to mimic the webs made by Arachne.  Next, we looked at ancient Egyptian culture, focusing on hieroglyphics. 
        • And to wrap it up, back by popular demand,  campers revisited the “Eggbert” drop to end the week. Campers had a chance to redesign a capsule to keep an egg safe from a fall off the Drapkin Bridge. 
        • All were happy to see a much higher success rate after discussing the changes made since their initial drop!

          Bodies in Motion:

          • We have come to our final week of D-E 360º Athletics!  
          • Our coaches have enjoyed our time with all the Discoveries and Adventures groups. The children were able to explore and have fun while enhancing their Archery, Tennis, Yoga, Golf, and Fencing skills. 
          • We truly hope we could spark a lifelong love of sports and build friendships through group activities.

          Our coaching team wishes everyone a safe and happy summer ! ?