D-E Travel 2022-2023 Offerings

Ecuador 2023 | 8th Grade | March 16-26, 2023

Embark on an Ecuadorian journey! D-E students currently in Grade 8 will explore the volcanic landscapes of the Andes to see for themselves
how our planet was shaped geologically, and travel through diverse ecosystems that inspire careful observation of the natural world.

  • Students will visit the Andean sierra, a 400-year old hacienda, Cotopaxi Volcano National Park, the tropical cloud forest, and colonial Quito.
  • We will learn about the incredibly diverse wildlife and conservation efforts in the cloud forest, as well as immerse ourselves in the local indigenous culture, experiencing the convergence of pre-Columbian, Spanish, and Moorish influences that have shaped the art and architecture of the Andes.
  • Ecuador is a country rich with history and remarkable for its indigenous people, culture, and traditions. Students will be travelers, not tourists, in environments far different from home.

Italy 2023 | Grades 10-12 Enrolled in Latin | July 7-21, 2023

Through a hands-on experience of three millennia of cultural and artistic products, students will gain a much deeper and more nuanced understanding of the society and culture in which they currently live.

Process: Students will tour classical and Renaissance sites led by highly qualified academics. Students will take notes on both the history of the place and their aesthetic impressions. They will augment their written notes with photographs. Each student will be assigned several excursions or tours on which to write a blog. The blog must include all salient facts about the site and must be accompanied by captioned photographs to serve as visual aids to the reader. Students will have read and discussed primary-source passages related to each of the sites visited. 

The theater, art, architecture, public spaces, language, and even food, which students enjoy in their everyday lives will be much more fully understood having immersed themselves in the traditions whence they come.